Year Gone By


2015 silver glitter
Happy New Year!


2014 has gone as fast as it came. Looking back, I have to say it was a decent year. Busy, but still good. I wanted to take this time to thank my readers and say I appreciate your comments, views, and shares. I hope that with all I have shared with you that you found something inspirational.

I wanted to share with you the top posts of this year. The ones you felt that were the most intriguing and got the most of your attention.

1. Mad Monday 3.3.14

stacked bracelets

2. Throwback Thursday | Return of the 80’s


3. Vintage Living in a Modern Age

Vintage George Nelson Walnut Spike Wall Clock

4. Fall Color Paint Palettes


5. Stylish Saturday | Kentucky Derby 2014

kentucky derby hat

2014 was full of collaborations and wonderful posts. I only hope that this year brings all of you much joy and prosperity. I hope to continue to inspire and that you will continue to support Ke Event Designs.


Classic Timepieces

There are some accessories that are just for show, but others can serve functional purposes while also being fashionable. Finding the right watch is like finding the final piece of a difficult puzzle. When looking for the right watch, you have to step outside of the box and find something that will be a bit more personal. In men’s fashion, the watch is very essential to pulling a look together completely., an online auction house that has more than 30-million  bidders annually, has hundreds of  unique timepieces that are stylish and sometimes vintage.

Men's Rolex Watch
Men’s Rolex Watch

Sometimes there are moments when you feel you don’t have anything to wear, but you know you have your staple accessories that will pull together any outfit. For men, this is no different. In modern times, men have been known to take in consideration more what they wear and how they look when getting ready. And what better way to pull together a look than to find a great outfit to go with your statement piece: a rose faced steel Rolex watch.

j crew gray suit

The Ludlow tweed suit from J. Crew is one way to add to the rose faced Rolex watch. The gray tones help the face stand out and shine.

banana republic leather jacket


Even adding a leather jacket from Banana Republic, the watch still will hold its class and style. There is a timelessness to leather and steel.

banana republic navy pants

Whether it is casual or formal, the watch will still make this Banana Republic navy chino and Army green combo seem fashionable. Who doesn’t love a man in chinos.

j crew dark gray suit

Of course, the everyday working man needs a timepiece that will help him arrive in a timely fashion. Nothing says style and power like a Rolex. This Ludlow gray Italian flannel power suit from J. Crew will definitely show your style and class.

Using an auction site like to find unique men’s watches is one way to ensure that your guy won’t walk into the boardroom or local pub to find someone wearing the same watch. He will definitely stand out and show his sense of style with the choice of watches on the site. There are many options in any price range. With the holidays fast approaching, you are sure to find something for that dashing gentleman on your list.

Warby Parker | Clear View


So you all know that fall is my favorite season. And I think I love accessories more than clothes. With all the choices we have for adding to our outfits, we cannot forget the glasses. Glasses are an accessory as well, whether they are required or just for show. Glasses are a subtle accent to our overall look.

This fall, I came across a wonderful company that has one of the most classic fall lines. Warby Parker has some styles that you can wear with your everyday look, or you can go for something more unique.

FALL2014_stills (1)There are many options to choose from, but the most ingenious the acetate and titanium frames. There are also other shapes and materials to choose from. Your personality will shine through with any frame.

Chandler Ti

The Warby Parker fall line will simply enhance any sense of style. With a chunky sweater or a business suit. There is a pair for the football game and the boardroom.

Hardy Striped Pacific


Coley Crystal

Since I was a child I always wanted to wear glasses because I thought it was cool. The choices with the new Warby Parker fall line make me feel I could get a pair for every mood.

And if the style wasn’t enough to get you excited about getting a pair, how about this. For every pair of glasses you purchase from Warby Parker, they will donate a pair to someone who is in need of the gift of clear vision. So, why not be fashionable and conscious while helping someone in need. Stay classy people and do it in style all the way up to your frames.

1071 TAL WARBY 04-321-03-03LR

Warby Parker truly has something for everyone.

Get yours today.



Scandal at The Limited


Olivia Pope Clothing Line

This week, the most clever collaboration happened. For all the Gladiators out there, you should know that Kerry Washington, costume designer for “Scandal” Lyn Paolo, and Elliot Staples, Head Designer at The Limited, have collaborated to create a new line of Olivia Pope inspired designs for the everyday Gladiator.

kerry washingto lyn paolo


The style of Olivia Pope has been the talk of the fashion world since season 1 of the popular show Scandal. Now with this collaboration with a national retailer, the designer/costumer who created the visions, and the star wearing the visions, many of the show’s fans will be able to have a piece or two in their wardrobe that give them the feel of a Gladiator.

olivia pope and sketch

Many of Olivia Pope’s classic outfits are replicated for this new line, which was available in stores this Tuesday. So if Olivia Pope is a fashion icon for you, get to the nearest Limited and get your power suit ready.

scandal limited_1

The oversized sweater with wide leg pants are pretty much a must. But if you must do a formal jacket, try the side zip checker jacket.

scandal jacketOf course you have to have the cape that has been an epic piece for Ms. Pope since season 2. This plaid version comes in two shades, and will definitely show your power and class.

cape sketch

Don’t forget the wrap coat too. Ms. Pope has made the wrap coat a fall must. A classic and timeless look returns to show the femininity and style of a powerful woman. The soft colors only add to the powerful appeal.

Scandal at Limited


So if you are a fan of the show and cannot wait for the season 4 premiere tonight, don’t forget to go and get your Gladiator gear soon at The Limited store near you.


Fall is Here!!

fall falling

Fall began at 10:29pm last night. I am so excited and love this season so much, that I can’t wait to share the plethora of things I love this season. The colors haven’t began to change yet, but the hues are so magnificent. They began to contrast with the tree bark and grass they fall on.

Our fashion begins to change and evolve into thicker fabrics, more layers, and richer colors. The beautiful sweaters and the thick wool fabrics. They make me excited to get dressed! I love a warm sweater, colorful scarf, and a pair of jeans. With a pair of nice boots or ballerina flats.

Akris Fall 2014

Plaids are also great for fall. Especially in rich colors like grey, wine, or wheat. A skirt or dress in plaid is great, but growing up going to Catholic schools, plaid became a favorite for me all year round.

Fall Ralph Lauren

Wool coats are great! Warm and stylish. Paired with a lovely tote or satchel, they become fashion statements. Any length will do, but add your favorite scarf and your daily wear is all set.

H+M Home Decor

Home decor also changes a little during the cooler months. We use more candles to decorate or provide ambiance for a dinner party. The subtle light adds a bit of warmth to that fall gathering of friends.

H+M Home Decor_1

Choosing candles that use natural tones and materials in their holders just adds to the seasonal flair. Of course, richer scents like patchouli and bergamot are more common in fall, you can also choose scents like vanilla, musk, and spice.

OPI Fall Polishes


We also change our nail colors to match the season. OPI is one of my favorite brands of nail polish, and their Fall 2014 collection doesn’t disappoint.


Adding some outdoor elements to your home can help bring the season indoors. Gourds, apples, and a blend of grasses help bring warmth to your fall decor.

fall hyacinth wreath

Decorating your door with a fall colored wreath helps welcome your guests to your home. Choosing flowers in fall hues can make a big difference.

fall wreath

Or you can use ornaments to create the same effect. Wreaths are a simple way to make your home ready for the fall season.

Oregon Autumn

The fall colors outside are so warm and inviting. The brisk air makes it a necessity to drink warm beverages and eat warm dishes.

warm blankets

Wrapping up in a warm blanket by a fire with a good book, or enjoying a morning cup of coffee or tea is a weekend must.

Fall Foliage

The scenes of fall can be so captivating and beautiful, as they represent a change in our environment.

red fall leaves

Take a walk and enjoy the views and colors. Enjoy this season as much as I do.

Happy Fall!


Game Day Chic | 9.13.14


Fall sports are in full swing and there’s no reason you can’t still be fashionable in the stands. A loyal and devoted fan is there for the tailgating, the wins, and the losses. But you can always be chic.

flannel and stripes

Being chic doesn’t have to be fussy or matchy. It’s relaxed and pretty much what is comfortable. Flannel is always good for an outdoor game or activities. It keeps you warm and goes with everything. You can still dress up flannel with cool accessories. Again, no set rules, just wear what feels comfortable.

game day fashion

Fall colors are also good to wear for the big game. You can find a sweater in vibrant colors and layer them with a button down shirt and skinny jeans. Flat boots are always smart for the walk to the stadium. Denim of course goes with everything, and you can sport any fit (i.e. boyfriend, relaxed, bootcut, etc).

cable knit sweater

And there’s no reason you can’t pair your look with a pair of heels. Just make sure you’re comfortable, or if you are watching an away game at a pub/bar.

maxi dress

You can also wear a cool maxi dress for the big game. Pair it with a denim jacket or chambray shirt on the chilly game days. A ballerina flat or gladiator sandal works fine as well.

tunic and crossbody bag

A tunic with leggings or skinny jeans are simple and comfortable enough as well as functional. Pair with a cross-body bag for carrying your essentials and you are good to go.

lace tunic outfirt

On warmer days, or if you are watching indoors, you can just wear a girly tunic with a tall boot and leggings.

UofM outfit

Whatever team you are rooting for, it is okay to go crazy sometimes and show your team spirit. Be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Be smart and choose functional items to make sure you have a great time with friends and other fans.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Fall (Fashion) is coming!


The heat is cooling down and the summer season is winding down. Sweater weather is upon us, and I am super excited to pull out my scarves and sweaters. Drinking more tea and hot beverages, soups and stews, apple orchards, and a colorful leaf changes.

fall ombre

The accessories and fashion for fall is my favorite. The chunky sweaters and bulky scarves make getting dressed fun and full of choices. There are so many options and ways to mix up your wardrobe for the season.

Fall Outfit

This outfit is chic and simple. The black and white sweater under the wool winter white coat adds a little bit of class. The bag is simply everything and finishes the look.

fall suit jacket dainty shirt

This look is an example of using things you already have in your closet together to create a different look. You don’t have to buy all new clothes for a season. Use what you already have and make a new look. A cotton top paired with a jacket changes the look of everyday items.

casual outfit

This casual outfit is great for a fall outing to the apple orchard, or Sunday brunch. It’s versatile though and could totally work for dropping the kids off at school.

Accessories are always great. You can make an outfit new with accessories. Here are some of my favorites.

Dressing for fall is fun and relaxed and cozy. Not fussy, but still chic. Dress well, warm, and have fun with it.

66th Annual Emmy Awards


Tonight the Emmy awards are on NBC. Are you watching? Stay tuned for updates. Who are your predictions for tonight’s winners?


Throwback Thursday | Return of the 80’s


You know there is a cliché that says everything that is old becomes new again. It seems that things come in and out of style all the time. Fashion is no exception. If you’ve been following trends lately, I’m sure you have seen the cropped shirts and leggings making a staggering reappearance.

80's Madonna


Today, I want to take you down memory lane. I may be biased, but the 80’s were some of the best years of my life. From television shows to fashion accessories, I loved everything 80’s (and still do). Here are some of my favorite things I remember fondly.

The Purple One



This movie needs no explanation. Purple Rain was one of the 80’s best films, and of all time! It will never get old.

Jem and the Holograms



Jem and the Holograms was one of my favorites growing up. The main character was a strong female influence and  the typical situations on the show displayed how you can keep your dignity and integrity as a person, all while being fabulous and talented.

Denim Jackets

tiffany 80s denim jacket


The denim jacket was a huge part of our 80’s wardrobe. And like all trends, they all come back. The denim jacket is making a comeback, and will surely be a staple once again in our wardrobes. This one from H+M is just an example of how much the denim jacket has not changed much.

The Stirrup Pant


The stirrup pants were a phenomena that came in an array of colors and patterns, and it was a sign that you had true style. As a Catholic school girl, I didn’t get to wear these often, but on free dress days I would go straight for my stirrup pants.

See-Thru Phone


In middle school I begged my mom for my own phone line I the house just so I could get one of these phones. They were the coolest thing to see when they rang! It was a glorious day when I finally got mine.

Let’s Get Physical


Being a dancer most of my chiodhood, leotards were a huge part of my weekend wardrobe. And with the influx of aerobic exercise classes that inundated the 80’s, the leotard was the uniform for most aerobics classes.

Shoulder Pads


Now Ms. Collins wore a mean shoulder pad in the day, but these pads are taking on a new role in making a dramatic expression in fashion today.




Everyone from the 80’s and beyond remembers the infamous water bucket scene with Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance”. Well that scene sparked a phenomenon with legwarmers and leotards. But the off the shoulder shirt was her signature contribution to 80’s fashion.

Wherever you were in the 80’s I’m sure you osned or sported some of these items. Those were the days and I do miss those times, but they made me who I am today. So if you have any memories you want to share, feel free. Pictures, memories, etc. Happy #tbt sharing!

Wedding Wednesday | Spring Palettes


There are some unique color palettes for spring weddings. I like different shades, but some of my favorites are bright tones and deep jewel tones.

Pantone Spring Fashion Palette

Pantone, a trusted source in color choices and development, has thousands of colors and blends of color to choose from for any occasion. You can put different color combinations together from their database.

white fall table
Orange and Blue Table

Orange and blue are a great spring color combination that is vibrant and lively. Something that works wonders for any special event. The more lively the decor, the more that will be passed along to the guests and attendees.

Lime Green Theme

I love bright colors with white. It makes the color pop and stand out, but still makes the event look clean and vibrant. Lime green goes well with most other colors, but with white it sticks out. For spring, lime is a great color to express the new growth of the flowers and trees.

bright wedding palette
Bright Wedding Palette

Now bright colors combined together can also make for a vibrant affair. Bright blues, yellows, pinks, and oranges together make for fun options for decor. Bright peonies and gerbera daisies with turquoise and persimmon color bowls, add in gold silverware and gilded glasses. Just seems regal and extra special.

garden chic wedding-color-palette

Try this varietal palette for a garden wedding affair. The palette includes multiple colors that are found in gardens everywhere. These colors are subtle and they all compliment each other. It’s just pretty and simple, but invigorating.

chartreuse gray white wedding cover

Lastly, my favorite combination of bright and neutral is chartreuse and gray. The contrast between the two colors is clean and drastic, but beautiful.

However you see spring through color, try something different. Try different combinations, whether you’re getting married or just going out with friends. Be daring with your color choices.

Happy #WeddingWednesday!

Mad Monday | Cinco de MET


Well there’s so much going on today. Today marks Cinco de Mayo, a day of independence of sorts for the Latino community. Today is also the night of the famed and fashionable MET Ball.


The Met Gala started back in 1971, and the themes have always been intriguing. This year’s theme is Beyond Fashion, and I’m interested to see how the stars interpret this theme tonight.

Cher and Bob Mackie at 1974 Met Gala
Cher and Bob Mackie at 1974 Met Gala

Here is a taste of the stars at Met Galas past:

Today is also Cinco de Mayo, the day that many Mexican-Americans celebrate the battle of freedom and democracy. What better way to celebrate than food and drink.

Ultimate Margarita
Ultimate Margarita

The Ultimate Margarita

1/4 cup fresh lime juice, about 1 large lime
1/4 cup silver 100 percent agave tequila
1/4 cup orange liqueur
1/2 cup coarsely cracked ice cube

Refrigerate the glasses if desired. In a shaker, combine the lime juice, tequila, and orange liqueur. Add ice and shake 10 to 15 seconds, then strain into the prepared glasses.

You can use salt or sugar on the rim, but I prefer mine plain with just a lime to garnish.

For those of you who want to try something a little more adventurous, try jello shots. Not just any jello shot, flavored cocktail jello shots. I’ve featured these before from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shot
Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shot

Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shot

Difficulty:  Easy
Recommended Pan:  1-pound loaf pan (approximately 8” x 4”/20 x 10 cm)
Implements:  Muddler and a cocktail shaker
3/4 cup agave tequila
1 cucumber
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup frozen limeade concentrate (thawed)
2 envelopes Knox gelatin
1/4 cup Cointreau
Cucumber ribbons and Cayenne Sprinkle for garnish, if desired (recipe below)
Cut a three inch length of cucumber and coarsely chop (set remaining cucumber aside to make cucumber ribbons).  Place the chopped cucumber in cocktail shaker and muddle vigorously.  Add the tequila to the cocktail shaker, shake for a minute or so and set aside (no ice is needed).  Pour water and limeade concentrate into a small saucepan and sprinkle with the gelatin. Allow the gelatin to soak for a minute or two. Heat over very low heat until gelatin is dissolved, stirring constantly, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat.  Strain the tequila mixture, and stir into gelatin mixture along with the Cointreau. Pour mixture into loaf pan. Place in refrigerator to set (several hours or overnight).
To serve, cut into desired shapes.  To make the cucumber ribbons, peel the length of the remaining cucumber with a vegetable peeler.  Tie each jelly shot with a ribbon.  Trim ends to desired length.
Makes 18 to 24 jelly shots.
Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shot with Cayenne topping
Cucumber-Lime Margarita Jelly Shot with Cayenne Sprinkle
Cayenne Sprinkle
1 tbsp large crystal sugar
1 tsp kosher salt
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
Mix ingredients, and place in small bowl for dipping.
Now many of you know I’m a foodie and culinary school graduate, so food is the most fun part of any celebration. And Mexican dishes are some of my favorite to eat and cook. But since it’s Monday, and not all of us have a ton of time to cook a labor intensive meal, I suggest trying something simple: Nachos!
Simple Nachos
Simple Nachos

All you need is some ground meat, I prefer turkey, and seasonings of your choice. Heat and add to tortilla chips with all the toppings you love.

However you celebrate, be safe. What’s your favorite Mexican dish?

Are you going to be watching out for the stars’ fashion on the red carpet tonight at the Met Gala? We will be watching to see who’s wearing what. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Have a Mad Monday!

Stylish Saturday | Kentucky Derby 2014



Today was the 140th Kentucky Derby at the Churchill Downs. I love horses and as allergic as I am to them, I enjoyed riding them as a child. Horses are majestic beasts, but let’s be serious here. The real spectacle at the Kentucky Derby is the fashion, especially the hat.

kentucky derby hat

The importance of the hat at the Derby has been a factor since the beginning of the derby itself. Women have a chance to show their inner Southern Belle and gentlemen are able to  stand out fashionably as much as (or more than) the ladies.

Kentuky Derby Couple

Don’t hesitate to be different, but classy, at the Derby. Stay focused on the hat as a centerpiece. Be fashionable and chic. Be unique and stand out. Whatever you do, be you.

Here are some of my favorite fashions from the Kentucky Derby and Longines events:

The Derby has been dubbed the fastest greatest two minutes in sports, and mainly because of the hat. If you’re looking for a statement piece, Philip Treacy is definitely the designer to help you stand out and shine at a Derby event.

The turn out of the race was a bit unexpected, but the winner is…..

california chrome winner
California Chrome with jockey Victor Espinoza

I think I’ll add to my bucket list going to the Kentucky Derby with fabulous hat gear, and enjoy all the fun and social events. Happy Derby Day!!

Mad Men Final Season | 4.12.14


It’s time again for the new season of Mad Men to begin, and this is the beginning of the end. The final season comes on tomorrow night and it’s definitely cause for a celebration.


What better way to celebrate than to throw a little themed party to start the new season off. We’re going to share with you some retro inspired treats and some classic cocktails, as well as fun decor touches to add to your party.

1. Pink Deviled Eggs – Something that I haven’t seen in a while are the colored deviled eggs that were prominent at a 60’s dinner party (via The Year in Food). Thought of as chic and modern back then is still classy and fancy today. Their pink hue comes from beet juice!


2. Printable Coasters – These coasters are sure to add a little conversation at your party (via Second City Soiree)


3. Homemade Bitters – If you’re a little more adventurous, try these homemade crafted bitters recipes. They will surely make your classic cocktails stand out (via How Sweet it Is).


4. Swedish Meatballs – These meatballs are always a good go-to for an appetizer. They are timeless and go with any theme party (via Bon Appetit).



5. Classic Old Fashioned – The Old Fashioned is one of the most classic drinks from the 50’s and 60’s, you can’t go wrong with an original (via Food52).

old fashioned Food 52

6. DIY Chalkboard Martini Glass – These custom martini glasses are great for guests to keep track of their drinks, and can also serve as a party favor (via Something Turquoise).


7. Dyed Simple Syrups – These simple syrups aren’t just pretty to look at, they add unique flavors to any cocktail (via A Subtle Revelry)



8. Advertising – Of course you can’t have a Mad Men party without advertisements. This ad shows the culture of advertising at the time of the show.


9. Mad Men Masks – Set up your own photo booth for your guests to have a little fun before the show, or between commercials. These printable masks are like an instant costume, or you can just use them as decorations (via AMC).

mad men mask_betty


10. Classic Martini – You can’t have a Mad Men viewing party without a martini. This is a classic martini recipe. It’s simple and just perfect (via AMC).

mm-cocktail-classic-martiniI’m sad that this is the last season of Mad Men, but I will be sure to watch the madness of Sterling Cooper & Partners. Who is your favorite character? What’s your favorite cocktail? How will you watch tomorrow?

Mad Monday | Spring, where art thou?


Well, in case you missed it. Spring came last Thursday at 12:57 p.m. EST, and we have yet to really see spring temperatures. Some of the country are still in freezing and below freezing temperatures, and with the brutal winter we all have had we were hoping for some relief with the spring season approaching. But to our dismay, we haven’t had many warm-ups as of yet.

Sunrise image


Oh how I miss those dewy sunrises, warming temperatures, the occasional rain storm, the fresh smell of blooming flowers and grass, and of course the shedding of layers of winter clothing.

Belle Isle Conservatory Outdoor Garden
Belle Isle Conservatory Outdoor Garden

I think I can speak for all of us when I say…Spring, where art thou? 

We should warm up by the end of the week, and I hope this trend sticks! I am truly over winter! So chin up, and let’s make the most of these, hopefully, last days of winter.


Mad Monday | 3.3.14


Today is Mad Monday! Winter still has a hold on most of the country, but spring should be arriving soon. Spring is set to arrive March 20. So, a little more than two weeks. Yay!!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons as it is a time for renewal, growth, and new beginnings. The colors are bright and the earth seems to mimic that with the blooming of the trees and flowers. The birds return, the grass makes an appearance once again, and of course the temperatures begin to up.

stacked bracelets


Things are lighter and fashion is no exception. There are lighter fabrics and we tend to shed our winter layers. A girl can feel more girly with a cute skirt, and the sandal makes a return as well.

spring 2014 outfits


And for me, I hate wearing coats. Well, for a few weeks a coat can be quite fashionable, but now it is something that is truly irritating and very cumbersome! So, to be able to shed that extra layer to wear short sleeves again. Maybe a cardigan or wrap sweater.



Either way, spring is close and I cannot wait to dress accordingly. Are you excited to see the snow (or rain, depending on where you live) leave? Waiting for more sunshine and longer days? Get out the sunglasses and open-toe wedges, spring is almost here.