Year Gone By


2015 silver glitter
Happy New Year!


2014 has gone as fast as it came. Looking back, I have to say it was a decent year. Busy, but still good. I wanted to take this time to thank my readers and say I appreciate your comments, views, and shares. I hope that with all I have shared with you that you found something inspirational.

I wanted to share with you the top posts of this year. The ones you felt that were the most intriguing and got the most of your attention.

1. Mad Monday 3.3.14

stacked bracelets

2. Throwback Thursday | Return of the 80’s


3. Vintage Living in a Modern Age

Vintage George Nelson Walnut Spike Wall Clock

4. Fall Color Paint Palettes


5. Stylish Saturday | Kentucky Derby 2014

kentucky derby hat

2014 was full of collaborations and wonderful posts. I only hope that this year brings all of you much joy and prosperity. I hope to continue to inspire and that you will continue to support Ke Event Designs.


Vintage Living in a Modern Age

I love being creative with everything from food to decorating my surroundings. I love patterns and color and texture. Using different mediums while decorating any space can give it a big boost. One thing I love using is color in a room to give an accent. A muted color with maybe an accent color on one wall or bold wallpaper is one way to incorporate color in a room.

When looking for furniture, I prefer to find unique things that fit my personality and overall style to go in a room or the house. Resale shops and consignment shops are great places to start. You are sure to find some gems there. Estate sales are also great resource for great finds. There’s also a great online option for vintage finds, Chairish. They have a wide variety of vintage furniture and decor accessories that are sure to add character to any space in your home, and can be easily styled.

Vintage George Nelson Walnut Spike Wall Clock
Chairish Vintage George Nelson Walnut Spike Wall Clock

This vintage George Nelson Spike Wall clock is a key example of a popular 50’s decor item that still goes perfectly with any modern decor.

Chairish Golden Velour Three Seat Sofa
Chairish Golden Velour Three Seat Sofa

This golden three seat sofa is just the pop of color to add to any family or living room. Has a vintage comfort and modern flair to it. I love the shape of this piece. It’s stylish without really having to try too hard.

benjamin-moore-paint-wedding veil
Benjamin Moore – Veil

This Benjamin Moore Veil shade would be a great base color in any room of the house. You should have a base color that you use throughout the house to build color off of. It helps to ground and connect the house design.

Art Deco Unique Burled Walnut Tall Dresser
Chairish Art Deco Unique Burled Walnut Tall Dresser

In any room you need a statement piece. Something that truly grounds the room’s design. This Art Deco dresser from Chairish definitely makes a bold statement. It’s classic and the shape is easy to incorporate in to any size room also. The scale of furniture is important. Can’t have a piece that won’t fit, no matter how great the piece is.

Benjamin Moore – Cinder

Gray is a great color for a bedroom or living room. Maybe even a kitchen. Benjamin Moore Cinder is a great shade to add to one wall or all four. I love this shade because it’s warm and goes with pretty much any color.

fretwork trellis wallpaper
Ballard Designs Fretwork Trellis Wallpaper

Now I love a good pattern, and this Fretwork Trellis Wallpaper from Ballard Designs is a good example of a bold and chic pattern that can add to the design of a room. I think adding this paper to one wall as an accent would be enough to make a statement in a room.

1940s Chartreuse Slipper Chair
Chairish 1940s Chartreuse Slipper Chair

This vintage chartreuse chair would definitely be a great pairing with the fretwork trellis wallpaper. I love the contrast of a bold dark wall color with a bold piece of furniture.

I love adding vintage pieces to a room because it gives new character and style to the space. You don’t have to add a lot of things, just make sure that what you add means a lot to the space and you. Shop Chairish for more vintage finds for your home.