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So you all know that fall is my favorite season. And I think I love accessories more than clothes. With all the choices we have for adding to our outfits, we cannot forget the glasses. Glasses are an accessory as well, whether they are required or just for show. Glasses are a subtle accent to our overall look.

This fall, I came across a wonderful company that has one of the most classic fall lines. Warby Parker has some styles that you can wear with your everyday look, or you can go for something more unique.

FALL2014_stills (1)There are many options to choose from, but the most ingenious the acetate and titanium frames. There are also other shapes and materials to choose from. Your personality will shine through with any frame.

Chandler Ti

The Warby Parker fall line will simply enhance any sense of style. With a chunky sweater or a business suit. There is a pair for the football game and the boardroom.

Hardy Striped Pacific


Coley Crystal

Since I was a child I always wanted to wear glasses because I thought it was cool. The choices with the new Warby Parker fall line make me feel I could get a pair for every mood.

And if the style wasn’t enough to get you excited about getting a pair, how about this. For every pair of glasses you purchase from Warby Parker, they will donate a pair to someone who is in need of the gift of clear vision. So, why not be fashionable and conscious while helping someone in need. Stay classy people and do it in style all the way up to your frames.

1071 TAL WARBY 04-321-03-03LR

Warby Parker truly has something for everyone.

Get yours today.




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