Wedding Wednesday | Spring Palettes


There are some unique color palettes for spring weddings. I like different shades, but some of my favorites are bright tones and deep jewel tones.

Pantone Spring Fashion Palette

Pantone, a trusted source in color choices and development, has thousands of colors and blends of color to choose from for any occasion. You can put different color combinations together from their database.

white fall table
Orange and Blue Table

Orange and blue are a great spring color combination that is vibrant and lively. Something that works wonders for any special event. The more lively the decor, the more that will be passed along to the guests and attendees.

Lime Green Theme

I love bright colors with white. It makes the color pop and stand out, but still makes the event look clean and vibrant. Lime green goes well with most other colors, but with white it sticks out. For spring, lime is a great color to express the new growth of the flowers and trees.

bright wedding palette
Bright Wedding Palette

Now bright colors combined together can also make for a vibrant affair. Bright blues, yellows, pinks, and oranges together make for fun options for decor. Bright peonies and gerbera daisies with turquoise and persimmon color bowls, add in gold silverware and gilded glasses. Just seems regal and extra special.

garden chic wedding-color-palette

Try this varietal palette for a garden wedding affair. The palette includes multiple colors that are found in gardens everywhere. These colors are subtle and they all compliment each other. It’s just pretty and simple, but invigorating.

chartreuse gray white wedding cover

Lastly, my favorite combination of bright and neutral is chartreuse and gray. The contrast between the two colors is clean and drastic, but beautiful.

However you see spring through color, try something different. Try different combinations, whether you’re getting married or just going out with friends. Be daring with your color choices.

Happy #WeddingWednesday!


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