Renewal Sunday | H2O


It’s Sunday and time for you to get ready for the week ahead. One thing I struggle with is drinking enough water. I hate water, but I know it’s necessary. Our bodies need water to survive and function. I always had to be told to drink more water by my doctors and mother. Ugh, I hate water.

water glass

We’re supposed to drink so much water per day, but most of us don’t really drink what we’re supposed to. Whether it’s because we’re too busy or we just don’t do what we’re supposed to, it’s a necessity to our well being.


Water is a powerful source of the earth. It’s one of the elements and is very important to our destiny and our past. It’s calming, has cleansing properties, and is truly powerful.

bad water

Today, think of water and its truly renewing properties. The cleansing ones, the ones that can help you move forward healthy and renewed.

water fun

To have a moment of peace, try and relax with a glass of refreshing water and do something good for your body. Take care of yourself this week, enjoy your time alone, and stay healthy.

peaceful water creek

Have a wonderful week.


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