Mad Monday | Feeling Lucky



Today is St. Patrick’s Day. The day that started as a religious feast day to honor the patron saint of Ireland. The day has become a celebration of Irish culture including food, parades, being lucky, and a lot of green! Well, I won’t bore you with another St. Patrick’s Day post.

mega millions 400M

I’m  curious about what you think about when fantasizing over winning a huge lottery jackpot. The Mega Millions Jackpot is now $400M! Any time there is a huge jackpot like this, I go through all the things that I would do with a large winning like that. I have realized that in growing up, my desires have changed and I think I’m a bit more realistic now. I have the typical items on my list like a car, a house, some clothes, and some other physical possessions. Mainly though, I would do more practical things like focus on my business and grow it like I want. I would never stop working though. Working is just something that I am programmed to do. I feel that if you do what you love, you’re never truly working anyway.

If you won, what would you do? Would you buy an island, buy a farm, buy a plane. Or would you be more practical, buy a bigger house or a newer car. Are you feeling lucky enough to buy a ticket? Well I know I’ll be getting a ticket. Good luck!


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