Mad Monday | 3.10.14


As I’ve gotten older, I’m starting to realize how important breakfast really is. So I came across a recipe last week that I was determined to try out. Very rarely do I get that serious of an urge to try out a recipe from the internet. So when I was so determined to try this one, I decided to share it with you.

I am a follower of Recipe Girl on Facebook. And last week she posted a recipe for Cream Cheese Pancakes. Now a little bit of history…as a kid I didn’t really like many breakfast foods. Then at a popular breakfast restaurant with my mother, I got an order of pancakes that were not cooked through and I bit into raw dough in my stack of hotcakes. It truly soured me to breakfast ever since.

Now the recipe originally came from Barefeet In The Kitchen, but I kind of adapted the recipe slightly for myself. This is one of the simplest recipes ever! It’s simply cream cheese and eggs. I did add some vanilla and regular sugar.


Cream Cheese Pancakes

3 oz Cream Cheese
3 eggs
1 tbsp of vanilla extract
Pinch of sugar

Take the cream cheese and eggs and put them in a blender. Blend until smooth and fully combined. It’s a thin batter, so you don’t need much. Let the batter rest while you heat a griddle or cast iron pan. When you pour the batter, it will spread fast and wide (I used a 6 1/2 inch wide cast iron pan).

The pancakes come out thin  and light. Not too sweet and not too thick. Something that avoids the possibilities of raw centers of my hotcakes.

These pancakes remind me of the crepe batter we used in culinary school. When we made them in school, I was more inclined to like crepes because of how thin and versatile they were. You could make them sweet or savory, and they were just as filling as pancakes.

The batter I made yielded about 15 pancakes. You can top them how you want. I topped mine like I like my favorite crepes, with powdered sugar and lemon juice.



I can truly say these pancakes made me feel like I could actually eat breakfast now, and like it. The next thing I am going to do is try and create variations of the recipe to make both savory and other sweet versions to share with you in the future.

I hope you try these out. They are good for kids and don’t take long at all to prepare. Simple, fast, and delicious.

Bon apetit!



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