Back to School | 8.24.13


Back to School

It’s that time again! Kids will be going back to school in a week or so. It’s the New Year for kids. The daily routine will be back in full effect, and so will early morning rising. Also, back to making lunches, after school activities, school projects, and nightly homework. It brings a lot of stress and anxiety for both kids and parents! There are a few things you can do to combat those stresses and make for a smoother school year and fall/winter season.

Family Planning
Family Planning 

First things first, write out a schedule weekly or monthly, which ever works best. Every month you should come together as a family and make sure you are all on the same page with progress. Also, it helps to see the different activities that are going on with everyone and that way it will be easier to make proper accomodations.

Second, communicate! Communication is key in all relationships, families included. If there is an issue that comes up or an event that arises that wasn’t expected, speak up and talk about it. Family is there to be behind you to help and support when needed.


Always make time to have fun! Life is serious enough, so why not take a few moments out to enjoy those around you. Play a family game, go to the park and play catch, or just laugh at each other’s jokes. Parents need to have ‘alone’ time as well. Take time to do something nice for yourself, pamper yourself in some way. Even if it’s a set date with yourself to take a bath or read a magazine you haven’t gotten to. Don’t forget the kids, they need some time to themselves too. They may be your kids, but they are people too. Encourage them to write in a journal or read a book to gather their thoughts and keep their minds active.

Lastly, give thanks and praise. No, not in a religious way, but to those around you. For every good deed comes reward. If there’s a good grade (parents included), reward it. Set an awards list for continuous good grades and accomplishments. Or try doing something nice once a month to reward all good deeds at once. Have a special ceremony of sorts to give recognition and a bigger sense of accomplishment.

Fun Times
Fun Times

Don’t stress or sweat the small stuff, there is always a solution or some sort of compromise that can be reached. Communicate with each other and congratulate the great accomplishments and even the small ones. Remember to take time for yourself and enjoy those around you. Plan ahead and be prepared, and things should run smoothly.


Have a great school year!


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