Wedding Wednesday! | 7.10.13

Today is Wedding Wednesday! I kind of miss writing about weddings, so today I just want to share with you my personal wedding favorites.

Now I’m a girly girl who loves her share of pink and dressing up, so the ideal wedding to me is one with glamour and is very stylish and classic…with a vintage twist. Being the detail oriented person that I am, I also would lean more towards an event with clean lines, defined spaces, and pops of excitement throughout.

First, the dress. I am girly, but I don’t like fluffy. I like simple and pretty fashion. Something stylish but fun.

Vintage Bridesmaid Dress

To push the envelope, I don’t follow traditions well (unless it’s Christmas) so wearing white is one I can live without. I like to enjoy myself, and getting married should be a fun day without worrying if someone smudges your dress with makeup or if you spill something on it. I love black, so what better way to kick tradition to the curb than to wear a fun black dress down the aisle. You don’t have to stick to only the bridal section, venture to the bridesmaid area. They have some pretty cool dresses now, not like the fuchsia taffeta disasters from the 80s.


Adding a vintage component could also be seen with jewelry. I love costume jewelry, and no one needs to spend thousands of dollars on a statement piece of jewelry that you’re only going to wear for special occasions (the exception to this of course is the wedding ring). Vintage costume jewelry will never disappoint with adding a ‘wow’ factor.

Now, I may not like to wear fluffy dresses, doesn’t mean I don’t think they can be gorgeous spectacles for the right person. I also cannot deny I love things that sparkle!


This dress does not disappoint. Of course it’s a couture creation, but it is also not white or strictly for a wedding. This stunning dress is something I saw and could not take my eyes off of it. If I ever wanted a day to just twirl around in the sunlight, and had money to spare for a gown like this I definitely would do it.

And the grand finale of all weddings is of course the cake! Who doesn’t indulge in a delicious piece of cake every once in a while. I don’t eat a lot of sweets but can’t help but enjoy a piece of good old cake (I prefer yellow batter personally).

text cake

Since we’re on the theme of black at a wedding, I figured I would share a cake I came across a couple of years ago searching for ideas. This cake has text on it as a feature to look as if it’s written under the icing. It’s a simple, but stunning piece of edible art.

Well, these are just a few things that I like in regards to weddings. I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Give your feedback and share this with your friends and family.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


One thought on “Wedding Wednesday! | 7.10.13

  1. I feel you on being non-traditional. The white dress tradition came from Queen Elizabeth but I want a color with purpose to me not one born from someone else’s personal beliefs/statements. I could care less about following the status quo! Vintage elements in a wedding are very chic in my opinion, and there is nothing wrong with utilizing costume pieces! Diamonds are one of capitolism’s biggest pranks, anyway!

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