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It is Wedding Wednesday! With the new year comes new trends in weddings. Some of the interesting things that come up when it comes to planning your special day are; what color scheme to choose, what style of wedding to have, and the most important question; what style of dress to wear?

Color is something fun to work with. You can be creative as you like, or as traditional as you feel. Some new trends this year are neutrals. Layering neutrals is a good way to create soft depth. Adding a pop of an unusual color will create even more drama. Grey and taupe with a splash of navy will be subtle, but not crazy.

Whites with Pink
Whites with Pink

Choosing a wedding theme is also key. It sets the tone for the wedding. A casual wedding will make guests feel at ease and good for a spring or summer wedding. A formal or black tie wedding is a classy way to have a New Year’s or Christmas wedding. Whatever theme, make sure it is representative of the couple’s personality and style.

Personal Wedding Style
Personal Wedding Style

Adding in family and cultural traditions into wedding day themes. Elaborate wedding henna or a Chuppah  dramatically decorated can also add a personal touch to a special day.

Indian Sweetheart Table
Indian Sweetheart Table

The most important part of any wedding, besides the groom and bride of course, is the dress! There are thousands of options when it comes to dresses. I love vintage and glamorous, but it can be as casual or dramatic as you want. A few tips, make sure the dress is comfortable, it makes you feel beautiful, and it makes your groom’s mouth drop.

Vera  Wang Bridal 2013
Vera Wang Bridal 2013

Who says you have to wear white? Make a statement and be bold. Red definitely makes a statement. You can do other colors such as black, yellow, or pink even. Remember that little Gwen Stefani number?? Awesome and unexpected.

Gwen Stefani's John Galliano Wedding Dress
Gwen Stefani’s John Galliano Wedding Dress

Whatever you choose to have or do at your wedding, remember it is yours. They will be your memories that you create, so make them big and special to you.


*Ke Event Designs is a full service event and wedding planning company that can make your special day memorable. Let us make your day unique and creative, we rise to the occasion.*


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