New Beginnings | Ke Event Designs


2013 New Year

I would like to start off by saying Happy New Year! January is always a time for new beginnings and reflection. A time of new found resolve and urge to start anew with the beginning of a new year. We make resolutions to be better, do better, or just change our situations altogether in the new year.

Dew on Leaf

Did you make a resolution this year? Some make resolutions not to make resolutions. They say by the end of January 30% of resolutions made are broken. Some question why we make resolutions in January but not all year round. Always strive to be better and do more, but be reasonable. Always eat right, exercise in some way, and just take time to make yourself a better you. With this new year, I hope that we all can learn to think beyond ourselves and use our talents for the greater good. Making changes should be an ongoing process, not just the start of a new year.

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings! May you all be healthy and prosperous in this new year.



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