Smart Little Laundry Rooms

Not many people know insane passion I have for DIY projects, and my crazy ideas of fun is spending hours in the home improvement store. So it is with delight I see these many ideas for a space set for a typical household chore, and they’re so clever, functional, and simply ingenious. I just had to share this with you all. Thanks to A Detailed House for posting!

A Detailed House

A small space takes above average creativity. With a large space, things can be put in willy-nilly and without much thought. That is just not the case if you live in a city or a smaller and/or older home. The placement of a washer and dryer is one of those things that takes some thought. A laundry room just may not exist, so it’s going to have to be tucked in somewhere…and addressed aesthetically.

How gorgeous is this? The tile floor, the wallpaper, the molding, the side panels that are hiding…??? Of course laundry supplies, but how great would laundry bins be too? It appears that this was fitted into an awkward space (with the ceiling slanting in on one side) that would have been unused if not for this brilliant concept.

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