Thirsty Thursday | Ke Event Designs

Happy Thirsty Thursday


Woo Hoo! It’s almost the weekend, and what better way to start celebrating is with a cocktail. Hitting up the local happy hour is great with co-workers or your girlfriends/best buddies, and it also is a good way to catch up on the week’s events. The beginning of the weekend is the time to get your plans together for the next few days. Weekends tend to never be long enough, so of course Thursday has become sort of graced into the weekend festivities. Also, with many companies taking on the alternative work schedules, some people may not work in the office on Fridays. That is even more of a reason to get out and celebrate the pending weekend with those you may not see for a few days.

Neat Cognac

Try a classic martini (shaken or stirred) or cool frozen cocktail, like a daiquiri or margarita, for starters. You have to save the big stuff for the weekend and work is not a concern. If you like things a little more traditional and simple, go with a neat brandy or cognac (at room temperature), or glass of your favorite cabernet sauvignon. Whatever it is you prefer, do so responsibly and enjoy the company you keep. Celebrate life and enjoy living.

Thursday is just the beginning of the weekend and all its glory. Have a great night out with friends and enjoy a good cocktail or two. Try something different or new. Something you would not typically order.


Happy Thursday! The weekend’s almost here.




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