Wedding Wednesday | Ke Event Designs


It’s the height of wedding season, and there are many things that inspire me when it comes to planning that special day. I love simple, vintage, and classic looks. Adding little touches to make your day special creates a lasting memory.

Vintage Lace

Vintage touches add character and a sense of nostalgia to any wedding. It is classic and elegant, but not too fussy. A wedding should not be complicated or stressful. It is a happy day and full of memories and family and love.

One way to ensure that there are minimal hiccups, I strongly suggest hiring a wedding planner. Not to take over, but to assist with producing the vision you have for your day.

Another thing I love is candy tables! Candy tables are a clever way to bring the kid out of your guests. It brings back childhood memories and also can be a unique way to give guests something to take away.

Yellow Candy Table

There have been many innovations with sweets, the color options are endless. Cakes have also become a more prominent part of the decor of a wedding. There are so many options when deciding on a cake, dessert table, or both in one. The options are endless, but it is all about preference. I like simple palettes with bursts of color. Unique shapes and layouts create an eye-catching set up for your guests to enjoy.

Amy Atlas Pink Desserts
Cakes can be so creative, and the innovation in food tends and design elements make this traditional confection anything but.
Rock Candy Ombre Cake
Add a little sparkle to your cake as well. It draws the eye in and creates a lasting image and memory for you as well. Besides, who doesn’t love a little sparkle.
A Little Sparkle

I love a bride who dares to be different. Not just with decorations, colors, or flowers. Something totally out the box and unexpected, non-traditional. Add color to the bridal gown, wear a mini dress, or a vintage option that is not so traditional.

Vera Wang Bridal 2013

Every woman loves jewelry, and engagement rings are also stepping out of the norm.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

But who can deny that traditional and classic rings are beautiful.

Cushion Set Engagement Ring

Whatever elements you add to your day should represent you as a couple, and be something that will leave a lasting memory. Creating your special day is possible with a little help, and should always be fun. Your wedding is the day you begin your forever with the love of your life. Let us help you create memories.


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