Easy Chicken Quesadillas

So, I love Mexican food and I love quick recipes. At my house, tacos are a quick meal and it was a concensus to make quesadillas one night. Since I had never made any before, I decided to figure out how to make it work. I checked a couple recipes online, but couldn’t find anything I liked specifically. Slightly bothered I couldn’t find a recipe I liked, I just decided to look at the basic rules and make up the rest on my own.

First, I boiled one nice sized chicken breast. I covered the chicken with water and added seasoning to the water to give the chicken breast flavor. Covered the pot until the chicken came to a good, consistent boil for about 10 minutes. While that was boiling, to a pan with about 4 tablespoons of oil, I added diced onion and mushrooms and sauteed them until the moisture in the mushrooms evaporated. Added garlic, cumin, and a pinch of chilli powder to add a kick. Stirred this until fully combined, then I added my chicken breast that I had let cool and chopped up, and spinach cut into thin ribbons strips. Stir this mixture until fully combined and the chicken is warmed up again, then comes the fun part!

Sautee chicken mixture

To assemble, take shredded cheese (any kind of your preference will work) and layer it on a tortilla. Add some of the chicken mixture and add another layer of cheese. Layer evenly to ensure the quesadilla doesn’t fall apart on you. Place another tortilla on top to complete. Take a large pan sprayed with non stick spray, and heat on medium heat. Once warm, add the quesadilla using a spatula. This makes it easy to place flat in the pan without losing your contents. Heat until cheese begins to melt, then take the spatula and flip to heat other tortilla. Heat second side and remove from pan, and serve cut in four wedges. This is a simple meal that is filling and could serve up to 4 guests.

Prep of layered tortilla




Final chicken quesadilla

Enjoy this dish with friends and a couple of margaritas, or as a family meal with plenty of salsa and sour cream on hand. Simple is the way to go when trying to feed people on a budget. This meal cost a total of $4.75 per serving. That makes the meal even more appealing!

I hope you can enjoy this simple taste of Mexican food and share it with your friends and family !.
~Bon appetite!

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